June 2015

Communicating long distance can be tricky but we manage to have conference calls, group texts, emails and then there is the almightly Pinterest!  For this project, our client, Allie made boards for inspiration on her own pinterest page and we stalked them.  Yes- it’s kinda like stalking.

This is the second post about how we work with clients who are not in the Charleston Area.  Just because because we are in the “843” doesn’t mean we cant work with you! In case you missed the beginning of this series click here to see distance design part 1

We gathered ideas and then made a board on our page that became the place that the conversations started to happen.

Click on our pinterest board Gardner Terrace Project

The evolution of the board and the changes to the style can be seen if you start at the bottom and then work your way up.  Our favorite are the conversations we had about specific items.  It really was the best way to communicate the look and style we were going for.

distance design materials renna

Round 2 Great Room

The first round of ideas and fabrics that we sent were not necessarily a home run.  However, the package of goodies did serve as a conversation catalyst  for our clients, Allie and Matt so they could come together on their styles.  Matt is more modern and so are the Embellish Girls so we were excited about the feedback we got.  So… round 2 happened!

distance design sunroom stuff
sunroom gardner terrace project round 2


Another package of goodies was mailed off and reviewed.  Much better this time!

Once we get a thumbs up from our clients we then create a budget for this to actually happen.  This is a phase that can be a challenge, but for the most part our clients know what they are hoping to spend to get their projects done.  We have carefully and methodically asked questions along the process to help us know what realistic numbers are for our clients.   Outdoor fabrics are great on couches and chairs… don’t be afraid!

We always aim to create beautiful, but liveable spaces. 

Meanwhile, back in Massachusetts things were getting started.  Here are the beginnings of the kitchen banquet area

distance design banquet wood

kitchen banquet beginnings- notice column is still there. (soon to be gone!)


 And here is what the floors looked like after they were stained dark…. Gorgeous!  Love a Blank Slate!!!

distance design renna gr with samples on floor

Great room floors are stained dark. Notice the samples on the floor!


 Stay tuned!


Nicki and Teresa