August 2015

This is the next post for the Gardner Terrace Project which we completed in Massachusetts.  If you missed the previous posts check them out here Distance DesignThis entire project was done even though we only viewed the home in person once!

The clients agreed upon fabrics, furniture styles and budget so we have a complete green light to get it done now.  The house underwent some changes while we are back in Charleston ordering and coordinating for this huge install!

distance design renna sunroom shiplapp

The sunroom walls and ceiling were ship lapped and painted.

Notice all the snow outside????

distance design renna kitchen

The kitchen banquet was built and the tulip table arrived!


Renna May 2015 008

A work space and shelving take shape in the new office.


Renna May 2015 021

Here you can see the fireplace has been built up and modernized.