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Poe Picks a Green

by Nicki on March 16, 2017

Hello devoted readers,

I’m back to talk about some ways to use green in your home.  The Pantone Color of the year is Greenery for 2017 and they choose this color because they think everyone just wants a big breath of fresh air.  It is a very optimistic color if you ask me.  Not all of us are brave enough to use a bold color on our walls but we may be able to incorporate it into our furnishings and accessories.

In the Embellish girl’s Smythe Park Project they kept the walls neutral, but used a geometric citron green fabric in the window treatments and of course some gorgeous green plants.


This dining project which was a part of the girl’s Ithacaw Creek Project a softer palette of green was created with the wallpaper and gorgeous art.



One of my favorite parts of a project is when the girls start fabric scheming.  This Kelly green fabric in the background is going to become a fully upholstered bed in a future project the girls are working on   The Villa Rosa Project will incorporate bold colors with more Kelly green in an all white house.

This just came in so I decided to add it to this post- can you stand it?  A fully upholstered bed from the Villa Rosa Project turned out amazing!

When choosing green paint the girls have some go-to colors.  Some of their favorites are;

Sea Salt SW 6204

Oyster Bay SW 6206

Topsail SW 6217

Aloof Gray SW6197

Unusual Gray SW 7059

I wish you luck in finding ways to use some green hues in your home.  It’s a great way to make your spaces feel fresh!





What’s the Word?

by Nicki on January 5, 2017


Hey there, its me Poe. The Embellish Girls have asked me to guest blog again and I have decided to challenge them to think of one word that can replace the idea of a resolution for the new year. They need to each pick a word that they want to focus on in 2017.

One word that describes how they want to feel or how they want to live over the next 52 weeks.


The first word that popped into my mind is SLOW.  Having children that are 13 and 15 makes me want time to slow down. They are busy and I want to have simple moments with them and learn to enjoy whatever time I get with them. Translating SLOW to my professional world would mean focusing on finding bigger projects that take a longer amount of time so I can build relationships with our clients and give them my best work.  I have learned over the past few busy years that  projects requiring our services from the beginning to the end are my favorite and that having SLOW periods at work actually help me grow our business in other ways.


The first world that popped into my mind is FASCINATING.  I want to have a FASCINATING year in 2017 that includes traveling to Peru to celebrate a milestone birthday. Life goes fast so why not make it FASCINATING?  As far as translating FASCINATING to working at Embellish Interiors that would mean that I want new experiences that will help me continue to enjoy the type of work we do.

Here are a few words to look over so you can choose your one word for 2017…

Growth, Focus, Unstoppable, Revel, More, Empower, Curious, Forward, Transition, Soar, Together, Embrace, Freedom, Grace, Trust, Imagine, Minimize, Action, Learn, Uplift, Dare, Relax, Be, Slow, Invest, Thrive, Believe, Present, Today, Ambition, Brave, Determined, Adapt, Write, Open, No, Mindfulness, Generous, Adventure, Release, Strength, Awake, Resolve, Fortitude, Health, Celebrate, Reduce, New, Optimism, Listen, Reflection, Enjoy, Balance, Pause, Live, Risk, Transformation, Truth, Faith, Simplify, Confidence, Change, Direction, Stewardship, Appreciate, Love, Momentum, Rebuilding, Different, Purpose, Sacrifice, Silence, Courage, Push, Create, Opportunity, Relentless, Joy, Commit, Persistence, Progress, Finish, Organize, Battle, Diligence, Peace, Integrity, Connect, Shine, Discover, Perspective, Breathe, Choose, Possibility, Ignite

So what’s the good word for you in 2017?

Love, Poe

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Poe Picks a Whole House Palette

by Nicki on March 3, 2016


Hi there design enthusiasts!

My name is Poe and I wanted to introduce myself. The Embellish Girls have asked me to do some Guest Blogs for them.

 I live at Teresa’s house so I’ve picked up a few tips from listening to her, so I figured why not share these things with you.

Don’t be intimitated by my use of the

word hue it’s just another word for color, shade, or tint.


Here are 5 tips about Picking a Whole House Palette

1.  Start by picking the color for the biggest, most centrally located room. Choose a soft neutral hue for the main room and picking the other colors will be easier.


2. Build your palette with shades of the same hue.  Go up or down the paint chip.  Sherwin Williams Paints make this very easy.


3. Plan your strategy.  Open floor plans create rooms that are visible all at once so using darker or lighter shades of the same hue can work well.


4. Work on upstairs and downstairs strategies seperately.  This is more manageable and the mood  can be different upstairs versus downstairs.


5. Consider keeping connecting spaces neutral and giving the eye a place to rest.   Greige is a very popular choice around here!


Thanks for reading!


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