Standing On An Arabesque Rug

by Nicki on November 19, 2014

From where we stand…


       Standing on the Arabesque Rug in the Global Views Showroom. There is just something to be said for the clean lines and simplicity of a geometric rug.   These rugs combine a rich and textural surface and the large geometric pattern offers a big visual impact 

When adding an Arabesque Rug to your home try to add one or two period pieces of furniture to create a more eclectic look.  The combination of the modern rug with time worn pieces makes a much warmer space. 

Check out more of these beautiful Global Views Arabesque rugs below and see how amazing they can look!

globalviews2 globalviews3 globalviews4 globalviews6


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Seeing Double (High Point Market)

by Nicki on November 5, 2014

High Point Market happens TWICE a year. And this DUO tries to attend both markets each year. Although we cannot get to all 180 buildings or cover 11.5 million square feet- we certainly covered a lot in a short time. If fact, while we were at the High Point Market we were seeing double of everything! And not just because of all of the free drinks and food we inhaled, but the fact that there was a general theme of things in double! See for yourself:

Sunpan Modern Showroom
Global Views Two Small Tables
Global Views
Sunpan Modern Showroom- 2 Coffee Tables.


Are you seeing double too?


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