From Where I Stand

by Nicki on September 12, 2014



This hide rug from Yerra creates a great tone on tone look.  The geometric design is subtle but interesting.

Why we love area rugs in general:

Area rugs always ground a space so we like to use them to set the style or palette for the room.   An easy way to find an area rug that will complement a room’s décor is to look for one that has at least one color that does coordinate with some other design elements in the room.

Another reason why we love this rug is because of the pattern. Patterns hide dirt and wear better than solid colors, so if the rug will be placed in a high-traffic area, a pattern might be your best choice. Geometric designs draw less attention to themselves than rugs with a central medallion.

So next time you have a moment, look down and see where you’re standing.