What’s the Cost of Getting the Look? Bookshelves

by Nicki on April 24, 2017

Decorating Bookshelves is one of our favorite things to do! They are a huge focal point in a room and can quickly become a cluttered mess if things get thrown in randomly. We try to create balanced displays that showcase your favorite things and always try to leave room for our clients to personalize the space.

photo by @alisonkowalksiphotography

 Determining a budget for accessorizing shelves is another challenge.  Some of the questions that we have learned to ask clients are;

  • Do you mind decorative books on the shelves?  Some people do not want books that they have not read on their shelves and other people just want it done and pretty.
  • Do you have family photos to display? This lets us know how to personalize the space and that we will need to purchase consistent frame styles.
  • Do you have any items that you wish to display? Clients often have unique pottery or sentimental collections that they want us to include.

photo by @alisonkowalksiphotography

This bookshelf is the entire length of the wall in the living room which spans 10 feet. Here is the breakdown on the high/low;


Thom Filicia Art by Soicher Marin, West Elm Vases, E. Lawrence White Books


Collected books from Thrift Stores covered in leftover Wallpaper, Grass in Pot

So, in setting a budget.. it’s not an exact science. We generally come up with an amount based on what we think will give you the look you are hoping to achieve.  Most of our clients would prefer the shelves to be completed and never have to think about them again!


Nicki and Teresa

What’s the Cost of Getting the Look Dining Room Edition

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 What’s the Cost of Getting the Look Living Room Edition

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