What’s the Cost of Getting the Look? Casual Dining Area

by Nicki on May 15, 2017

Casual Dining Areas are those spaces in your home closest to your kitchen where everything happens.

Homework, Science Projects, Play dough and hopefully a family meal or two.

photo by @alisonkowalskiphotography

This area that we created required a table that would accommodate 8 people but would be narrow enough for someone to get to the laundry room.

See floor plans…

The client needed;



1 pair of window treatments and hardware


a new chandelier

photo by @alisonkowalskiphotography

This area is 10 x14 which is $140 square feet

$25/sf $$3,500

$50/sf $7,000

$75/ sf 10,500

We often combine the causal dining area with the kitchen.  Most clients are in need of barstools and we often like to include some styling as well. Keep in mind all of these budgets change based on client’s preferences which in turn drives the budget up or down.

photo by @alisonkowalksiphotography

 All the best,

Nicki and Teresa

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