What’s the Cost of Getting the Look? Home Office

by Nicki on May 8, 2017

Working from home has become the dream of many people and there has been a rise in telecommuting,  so why not make your home office beautiful.

We have many clients who want to create home office spaces and the available space is often the room that is close to the front door of their homes.

Guests that arrive will quickly have a view of your work area.

photo by @alisonkowalksiphotogrpahy

This office space serves as both a work space and spot to sit and enjoy coffee or a cocktail.  This room is in the front of the house and we choose to put two chairs in the space so that our clients can enjoy the view of the park across the street.

So what’s the cost of getting this look? Glad you asked.

Our  clients needed;

a desk and chair


2 comfy chairs

small table

pillows for chairs

8 x 10 rug

window treatments

Decorated bookshelves


nobody needs a fiddle leaf fig tree but we seem to put them on every plan!

photo by @alisonkowalksiphotography

Accessorizing bookshelves can be a budget buster. They always seem to need way more things then we plan for to look full and complete.

This room is basically 10 x 12 so that’s 120 square feet

$25/ sf $3,000

$50/sf $6,000

$75/ sf $9,000


Nicki and Teresa

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