What’s the cost of Getting the Look? Porch Edition

by Nicki on May 1, 2017

In the South, we do know how to enjoy a porch. Outdoor living is a big part of our lives here and designing outdoor spaces is a lot of fun.

Here is our screen porch from the #simmonsforgeproject.

photo by @alisonkowalksiphotography

Our clients were hoping to get a lot of seating for entertaining their families and friends.  So we presented them with a floor plan so we could see how big we could make their seating area!

 So, what’s the cost of getting this look you wonder?  Glad you asked.  Outdoor furniture can be quite expensive.  The furniture pictured here is made by Summer Classics Furniture which is a premier luxury outdoor furniture manufacturer of high quality furniture with outdoor cushions made from an exclusive line of outdoor fabrics.  This type of purchase is one that will last and is a bigger commitment for the buyer.  This can be difficult for some people because in the current world we have created more products that are affordable , but they are not going to last.  It’s another splurge or save dilemma!

This screened in porch is 16 x 17 or 272 square feet

$25/sf $6,800

$50 sf $13,600

$75 $20,400

We stopped here because these numbers were getting a little out of our budgeting comfort zone.  There are always less expensive options available.

However, if you are like most of our clients. they are looking for outdoor furniture that is high quality, low maintence, that they purchase one time and enjoy!

Photo credit @alisonkowalksiphotography


Nicki and Teresa

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